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Who We Are

Aligned teams achieve more.

Legacy procurement processes have failed to incentivize performance or enforce compliance, leaving the industry’s procurement culture inefficient and unbalanced. At Lumen, we’ve scrapped the old way of doing things. We’ve redefined the procurement process so that everyone can focus on what matters.

A project's success lies in aligning all stakeholders toward the same goal. High-performing, ethically sourced teams are the bedrock of Lumen’s project delivery. Our Fair Fee model, in-house cost consultants, and compliance-based procurement strategies incentivize partners to perform greater than the sum of their parts.

The work experience is integral to our wellbeing.

At Lumen, we understand the impact work life has on an individual’s wellbeing. We are part of the movement to create healthier work environments that can actually inspire people to work and live better. Our project delivery method allows more space for a healthier process, leading to a healthier product.

Lean into change.

Change has the power to unlock a better version of ourselves. We must become comfortable with the uncomfortable if we are to bring about a better future. At Lumen, we run toward change, not away from it. We stay connected to new ideas and pride ourselves on leading into the unknown.

Own the process.

Creating a process takes time and effort, but it’s a step that cannot be skipped. At Lumen, we believe in the process. We take time to think about how we think. It’s our job to understand which habits and processes work and which ones don’t work. And it’s our job to act accordingly. Processes are not static but are ever-changing. We reinvented our project approachbecause we analyzed and understood what needed to change.

Mindfulness is contagious.

We believe in the power of mindfulness. When we are present, calm, and connected, issues and solutions can flow easily. It takes just one mindful, grounded person to change the dynamic of a group for the better, and we strive to be that person in all our interactions in life.

Diversity makes us stronger.

At Lumen, we believe our culture and product are strongest when we draw on our differences. Embracing the full range of humanity will help us all create spaces that can change the world for the better. We support diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of our business and our lives.




Today, Lumen is leading new ways of managing real estate projects and workplace changes. We are cross-disciplinary project managers, driven by our values and desire to make an impact on the greater good.

Lumen was created out of the reflection and reevaluation brought on by the global pandemic. The founders understood that each market cycle brings about an opportunity to make changes. The nature of the 2020 shakeup was centered on reevaluating the status quo, and deciding if we would continue doing the same things or change it. The founders chose to make a change.

Merging the knowledge of a general contractor and a project manager creates a powerful platform for both clients and vendors alike. The real estate industry is a network of intelligent, thoughtful creators, but sometimes old processes and practices can inhibit us from really excelling at our jobs. That’s why Lumen was created. To offer new solutions, to take what worked and what didn’t work, and make something that will benefit us all.

At Lumen we understand that people innately want to connect and do good work. We are compassionate leaders. We are smart and effective because we listen, reflect and learn. We’re project leaders, industry leaders and educators to anyone who doesn’t share our expertise. We believe in efficiency, not for the sake of volume, but so everyone can focus on what they do best and what matters most.





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